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Saili Simulator Launcher 35 [2022]

Both game icons have "Saili Simut. " in it. Upgrade your Saili anyway to change the mouse theme in ubuntu 14.04? I want to play a video and also see how does Saili works any ideas ? if i had a flash drive i could install it but im using that old laptop atm i had Saili before too, but i dont remember where that program is on my computer Sails: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras install xfce-mcs-manager run it and it's in the applications . ty. Kartagis, where in applications? iynque: yeah, in the left panel Kartagis, oh, sorry. I though you wanted to know where to find it on the desktop then right-click on the window and choose "New Application" no, I just wanted to know if anyone knew Kartagis, yup, found it: "Addons" thanks. :) Kartagis i did install ubuntu-restricted-extras is it still missing Saili: what video are you trying to play? Saili: also what kind of video are you trying to play? hitujiTMO : i have an mp4 file, but with a dvd player i saw the dvd version. i want to play it on that laptop that i have Saili: can you install the ubuntu-restricted-extras package

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